It's been a while

hmm so i've decided that i mainly don't write in here much because not many other people do that used to. So it's kinda like i'm half writing to myself. But, for those of you that do still write i suposse i could update you with a little something. Or w/e i guess.

So this summer has been pretty fun so far. I've done a lot kinda but it feels like summer is going by too quick and that i haven't done half the shit that i've actually wanted to and whatnot. But as much as i'm not looking forward to going back to school i definately am looking forward to labor day weekend. I'm going to michigan with Jer and his fam. AND it'll definately be my 17th bday. But ehh to school. that's fo sho.

Work is alright. People get annoying but i mean for the most part i don't have many complaints. so that's good for that part. I'm real glad that Jeremy is like a sweetheart and yeah. I really really really like him. It'll be two months on sunday. It seems like we've been together longer than that. yeah but hmmm...

I saw tons of kool shows so far this summer. I saw Tom Petty (which was definately kick-ass) santana, skid row, kansas, and a lil bit of the doobie brothers. I may or may not see CCR on friday. But yeah.

Well, looks like i'm out.

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Wow... yeah i barely go on the internet anymore. Who knows that might change with summer.

I got a new job... woot woot. I make more $$ and i get better hours. So that's super awesome. I definately am going out with Jeremy now. Which is crazy because he's a super sweetheart. And, like the best cuddler ever. Today i only had one exam and he didn't have any, so i went over to his house and from like 10-2:30 we cuddled on his couch and watched a movie/t.v and talked. It was so cute.

yeah so i can't believe it's summer. it's just like holy shit i've been waiting so long, and it's finally here. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm actually going to cut this short and go to bed, cuz i'm super tired... so goodnight!
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So, yesturday was pretty damn fun. I bet lots of people would agree with me. Interesting fact that i learned this morning. Justin was like yeah nate really wanted to hang out with you. I was like uhh why is that? he's like well that's because he wanted to smoke with you. So i'm thinking hell yeah cuz it's nate...

Me and amber have another funny ass mcdonald's story. ha it was pretty damn ridiculous. Then i was just chillin.

I'll write more later...
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Hmm haven't written in here in a while. I don't really know what to update on. Shit's fucked up but that's usual. I'm definately not in a new semester mood. My classes aren't bad... i'm just like freakin done with school and i really don't feel like trying anymore. Like, at all.

People are really bitchy ... and they like to lie, but i guess that's nothing new.

Today i worked ... then i went out to dinner with amy, jackie, justin, joel, and dale. Then we stopped at the house for a little bit, then came back here and yeah now i'm almost too tired to sleep. If that makes any sense at all.

Alright... well i guess this really has no point. peace
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let the good times roll

the past couple of days have been alright. yesturday i hung out with andrea and she straightened my hair, and then we went to see meet the fockers, which was pretty damn hilarious if you ask me. Yeah it was fun hanging with her.

today at school during lunch we sorta played spin the bottle. Well, it was like James played. Ha and me n amber gave him a kiss. what a lucky kid... after school we(amber and me) dropped henry off and then went to dale's... then to greg's and played some pool. It was fun. Then we came to my house... and attemped to play some board games. Then henry and dan showed up. Then alex came to see amber. So it was craziness. Yeah, but fun. Henry played guitar.. ohh yes. Dale was shaking and he scared me to death ... i was seriously worried for a little bit, but he's alright. thank goodness.

not sure what's going on tomorrow. i might chill with amy. that would be fun, because amy's awesome, but idk what we'd do i just gotta call her after work. Or, i'll just end up hanging with amber. But, i told amy i'd do something with her first so i can't just like ditch her... yep well i'm out for now... UNTIL NEXT TIME!


Love Always,
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set the date...

So guys, I'm in a play!!! you should all come and watch me. It's on february 11th. If you want to know where and what time, holla at me and i'll give you details. Amber plays a slut so i mean at least come to see that... LOL! I play idk some chic ... just come watch it'll be fun, and if it's gay just make fun of me!! =]

Today should have been a snow day! why? because well it snowed quite a bit and hello no school... bottom line, we were jipped!

So i might be going to the Modest Mouse concert with Joel and Justin and whoever else comes i guess. That would be a good show! Yeah... hmm Not sure what my plans are this weekend. I know i work on saturday. And, i know that tomorrow i'll prolly end up going tubing with dale and people but it's not for sure yet. So, yeah.

Well, i'm out for now. So, ADIOS!

Love Always,
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happy new years!

It's really weird thinking that it's 2005. But, it is. I had sooo much fun last night/this morning. i worked most of the day actually, from 11-6:25 ish. Then Jackie and Amy met at my house. We got ready and went downtown to an italian restaurant which was really yummy. We went to the hell house for the actual new years. I actually saw some friends there that i didn't think would be there... so that was kool i guess. After that we went to eric's house(who i actually used to work with) for a little bit. Then went back to the hell house and went out to the oddyssey with jackie, amy, miles, bob, and greyson, went back to the house for like idk another hour or so then finally got to jackie's house. It was a pretty fun night!We didn't drink at all. Ew, at the oddyssey as i was walking in freakin kube was there with doug and some other people... and Kube's like hey bitch isn't it past your bedtime? I'm like "...Kube, hi..." eww what a homo. I didn't even look at her i was like good Lord just get us a table. Then she tried to talk to miles and he was like ewwwwwww. ha it was funny, but what the hell i haven't seen her/talked to her in more than a month. Not like i really care cuz it's kube, but still... what a bitch.

Yeah tomorrow i gotta say goodbye to Jessica. That's going to be tough, not looking forward to it. But, nothing i can do...

Alright well i'm tired and need sleep so gnight!

Love Always,
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(no subject)

So last night was pretty fun. I spent the night at sarah's house with amber and dana. Adriana and Jeanette were there for a bit but then they left early. So we did a little partying of our own. It was all in good fun though. Nothing crazy. But most definately fun. Made me have weird dreams though. I seriously thought there was piles of CHEESE on me. haha what .. yeah i know.

I'm excited for tomorrow night. It's new years and i'm going to hang out with Jackie and Amy. We're going to a movie and then we're stopping over at the house and then we're spending the night at Jackie's. So, it'll sorta be a girls night out. I'm looking forward to it because they're so much fun.

Well that's it for now. I'm out!

Love Always,
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Yippee... X-mas Break

So, i'm supossed to be working on my english paper... but that's not going to happen. HA. YAY, christmas break starts pronto after school. I'm so not swimming in gym class today either. Because gym quite honestly SUCKS. =]

YAY i can't wait to give everybody their gifts. I hope everybody likes what i got them. I tried my hardest to be creative and actually get people what they would like.

I'm excited to see my sista during X-mas. And, just the fam in general.

Not sure what's all going on during break. i honestly would be happy if i got some time to catch up on some sleep. I've gotten close to none lately. Just cuz i haven't been able to fall asleep lately... idk why either.

Me and dana are wearing tights today... they have lil snowmen on them... yeah we look cute. haha.

I'm excited to see annie over break. I'm not sure when she'll be able to do something, but i haven't seen her in a year and i miss her to pieces... cuz she's such a sweetie! yeah so i hope i get a chance to call her or maybe she'll give me a call too.

i can here the thassophobia stuff from the library... they sound pretty good. They just played some switchfoot. Yeah well i'm out because ms. marver's going to yell at me...


Love Always,
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(no subject)

It was very lovely sleeping in a monday. I mean the actual having to go to school part sucked but i had easy classes and it was a pretty chill day. Then amber came over and we ordered pizza... and pigged out and watched a movie. Had a fun time. haha amber you SLUT!

So i went to target with ma sista tonight and we picked out some hair dye. Except i couldn't do it tonight because i washed my hair already so we're doing it tomorrow. Yeah it'll be kool.

Umm i'm not sure what's going on this week. I might be going to my cousins dorm in whitewater on thursday but i need a ride out there and my mom can't take me. So maybe i could talk to my sista Jessica. Or else i guess we'll just have to do it another time. But it would be fun as hell to go out there. Cuz, last time was fun. Other than that i'm prolly just going to chill.

well i'm out.

Love Always,
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