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It was very lovely sleeping in a monday. I mean the actual having to go to school part sucked but i had easy classes and it was a pretty chill day. Then amber came over and we ordered pizza... and pigged out and watched a movie. Had a fun time. haha amber you SLUT!

So i went to target with ma sista tonight and we picked out some hair dye. Except i couldn't do it tonight because i washed my hair already so we're doing it tomorrow. Yeah it'll be kool.

Umm i'm not sure what's going on this week. I might be going to my cousins dorm in whitewater on thursday but i need a ride out there and my mom can't take me. So maybe i could talk to my sista Jessica. Or else i guess we'll just have to do it another time. But it would be fun as hell to go out there. Cuz, last time was fun. Other than that i'm prolly just going to chill.

well i'm out.

Love Always,
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