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happy new years!

It's really weird thinking that it's 2005. But, it is. I had sooo much fun last night/this morning. i worked most of the day actually, from 11-6:25 ish. Then Jackie and Amy met at my house. We got ready and went downtown to an italian restaurant which was really yummy. We went to the hell house for the actual new years. I actually saw some friends there that i didn't think would be there... so that was kool i guess. After that we went to eric's house(who i actually used to work with) for a little bit. Then went back to the hell house and went out to the oddyssey with jackie, amy, miles, bob, and greyson, went back to the house for like idk another hour or so then finally got to jackie's house. It was a pretty fun night!We didn't drink at all. Ew, at the oddyssey as i was walking in freakin kube was there with doug and some other people... and Kube's like hey bitch isn't it past your bedtime? I'm like "...Kube, hi..." eww what a homo. I didn't even look at her i was like good Lord just get us a table. Then she tried to talk to miles and he was like ewwwwwww. ha it was funny, but what the hell i haven't seen her/talked to her in more than a month. Not like i really care cuz it's kube, but still... what a bitch.

Yeah tomorrow i gotta say goodbye to Jessica. That's going to be tough, not looking forward to it. But, nothing i can do...

Alright well i'm tired and need sleep so gnight!

Love Always,
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