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set the date...

So guys, I'm in a play!!! you should all come and watch me. It's on february 11th. If you want to know where and what time, holla at me and i'll give you details. Amber plays a slut so i mean at least come to see that... LOL! I play idk some chic ... just come watch it'll be fun, and if it's gay just make fun of me!! =]

Today should have been a snow day! why? because well it snowed quite a bit and hello no school... bottom line, we were jipped!

So i might be going to the Modest Mouse concert with Joel and Justin and whoever else comes i guess. That would be a good show! Yeah... hmm Not sure what my plans are this weekend. I know i work on saturday. And, i know that tomorrow i'll prolly end up going tubing with dale and people but it's not for sure yet. So, yeah.

Well, i'm out for now. So, ADIOS!

Love Always,
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