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Interesting [04 Apr 2004|12:53am]
[ mood | irritated ]

Today was quite the easy going day for me. I cleaned out my dresser and got rid of a lot of icky clothes that i don't wear anymore, so now i can actually open and close my drawers without any problems! Go me! then i drove a lil with my momma and then i went to my gma's house and hung out with the fam for a while.

Yippee! This week is Spring Break. And, i prolly won't do too much, be sleeping in will be very very nice. I'm sure i'll keep myself somewhat busy with things but i'll prolly just kinda hang out and stuff. Ohh man i wanna go to 6 flags soooo bad... lol maybe that's what i should do over break.. haha with what money tho?? the one dollar that i actually do have won't really get me very far.

OK well i'm leaving because i have nothing else to say and idk how long i'll be able to do this online journal thing because i have soo much to say but i can't just type this all online where other people can read... i do that kinda stuff in a REAL journal...

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