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Just like that... [25 Apr 2004|12:01pm]
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Hmm... It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm home alone. My mom's at a hgp and idk my brother's out. And, i have nothing to do. I'm bored. I want to do something. I have homework.. like reading and a stupid history report thing. I don't feel like doing that stuff right now tho. lol reading will take a lil while cuz i'm on like chapter 6 and i need to be on chapter 9 er something like that because i got a quiz tomorrow on it, so heh yeah.

I feel some tension rising.. but noone ever seems to wanna tell the truth anymore, so i don't even know what to do about it. If something's wrong ... say something. Ya know? Or if your pissed off at someone... don't make up some stupid fucking lie and say you're really not mad at them. Telling the truth only makes things better, making up lies only causes more problems. It's really not as complicated as people make things to be. RAWR!

Da dum... anyways... so this weekend flew by kinda sorta quick. Aww i got some new jeans on friday and then i got my film developed.. The pictures turned out sooo cute. Then i watched GOTHICA with sarah and her rents... that's a pretty good movie, i jumped a few times to be honest with ya.. lol. Then yesturday was a relaxing day, slept til like noonish then came home, went to church then sarah came ova and we went to starbuck's and target... i WOULD have bought hair dye, but idk what color and stuff... cuz my hair is starting to get all light again, and i like darker hair. so yeah... mmm hmm

So i swear to God my feet fall asleep every since time i sit at the computer, because i sit on them, so you'd think i'd learn NOT to sit like that.. well no i don't lol i just keep doing it and my feet just keep falling asleep. Alright well i'm bored and i think i'm going to go eat a poppy seed muffin. Peace out!

Love Always,

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