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Yawn.... [30 Apr 2004|01:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Wow, you'd think that because it's Friday and it's 8th hour, that i'd be wide awake... no not today. I'm like completely dead and i have a wedding reception to go to later... which means i have to wear a dress.. lol i never wear dresses. Hmm what the hell am i going to do with me hair? I'll put it up and try n make it look cute, but idk i don't have to make it look that cute... cuz ya know idk it's not a big deal so i'm just going to shut the mouth for right now... tehe.

Hmm i got a job at DQ.. WOOT WOOT. go me! lol i'll be working with a bunch of crazy people... like Sarah, Bob, Dustin... it'll get a little crazy i can garantee that.

Anywho.. my brothers friend Grayson is coming to visit from california... so he said he wants to get with some Wisconsin Girls so lol i told sarah he was coming so hopefully he got hotter lol. Now sarah just asked me if his name is kennith ... she is so weird... anyways...

Hmm so yeah. I usually see ab this hour cuz he's freakin hot. And... aww i like him... haha. but i don't know if i'll see him at the end of the day or not, most likely not but i really hope so cuz i doubt i'll hear from him this weekend and then it won't be until Monday at school until i see him again.

OMG ann is a freak she's looking at some weird ass site online with all these ugly old guys... but umm maybe ann has a fetish with old guys er something... ewww totally kidding that would just be completely disgusting. Yeah..

BLAH BLAH BLAH... i'm bored and i was just laughing up a storm because ann and sarah are being funny.

Alright well i should prolly rap this up because we gotta get going in like five minutes and then ha yeah..

Peace out kids!

Love Always,

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