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See what had happened was.... [13 May 2004|07:09pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

Hey Hey!

Freakin i might have to work for bob on sunday. I swear to God he better get someone else to work for him because i don't wanna work on both saturday and sunday. Yeah i know i eventually will have too.. but still that's gay. rawr.

I don't know what the hell i'm doing tomorrow night tho. Freakin sarah works all friday night.. fun stuff. I could ask people what they're doing but i don't know who to ask .. lol that's just how slow i am. ahaha.

So.. wow i talked to my dad today. Briefly of course but still wow.. i talked to him. I'm a little shocked that he actually wanted to talk to me because it's been such a long time. I think that's the longest we've gone without talking too.. yeah that's just how life works ey? blah...

I have had the WORST headache since like half the day and it's NOT going away.. go figure. rawr.

So i'm soo freakin pissed off because i have a 79 in fucking biology. THat's a fucking C.. ahhh. i don't get it either. because i have like so many A's.. then i yes i do realize i got a D on the ONE test that we took BUT everything else is basically A's. THen i have like two f's in little assignments that mean nothing and like 1 C on a quiz. But all the other quizzes were A's and B's.. freakin A. I need more than anything to get that grade raised before the semester is done with. I NEED a B for a final grade in that class or else that won't look so good on college applications for a nursing school.. a freakin C in bio. STupid gay plant shit that i could care less about brings my fucking grade down. DAMNIT!! so i need to get that grade up pronto because we only got like 20 days er so left of school. psshh yeah.

Today was a really hyper day. It was funny as hell at lunch and in geometry.. right rahar? lol have u ever laughed so hard that u shit your pants?? lol cuz i haven't either. that was sooo freakin hilarious. ohh man..

Alright well yeah i think i'm going to get going. Ohh and by the way ANN i seriously love your hair how it is. It looks really natural so everyone can just shove their comments up their asses.. alright?

Alright well i'm out. Freakin amber reply to my comment ok?

Love ALways,

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