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drama drama drama [14 May 2004|03:10pm]
[ mood | calm ]


Jeez today was odd. I was in a pretty normal mood for the most part but then i started talking to sarah at lunch about my dad and idk. I got a lil emotional but i stopped before i went all crazy. I was just telling sarah what all happened when i talked to him yesturday, and then she was trying to help but idk it was almost making things worse because yeah i realize she's trying to help and give me advice about it but at the same time it's like i've tried SOOO many times to do stuff to help the situation. IDK i guess if you were me, you'd understand. So yeah i mean i'm not mad at her at all cuz i do realize that she was trying to help but at the same time i'm just like you don't even know how much i've tried and how long i've tried to make things work.. and they just haven't.. so yeah..

Then other people were getting emotional today too but i won't say who.. cuz i'm not mean like that.. idk it was just an interesting day to say the least...

Anyways i gotta get going and i'll ttyl!

Love Always,

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