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i don't wanna know... [26 May 2004|02:04pm]
[ mood | spacing out ]

so aparently.. she doesn't wanna know that i've been "cheating". LOL. ok that was funny.

So, i don't really know what's up with everything. Right now my attitude is that i really don't want to fight with anyone.. because right now i'm fine with everyone.. i think. Well at least i think i am. I dont know.

So hmm.. tonight i'm going out to dinner with the twins and omg we're going to eat ponza's yay. lol i'm such a dork. idk if ambers coming.. she called me a slut because i get to go tonight.. lol i think that's funny. Lately i've been called a slut and i'm sooo far from that it's not even funny.

I hope my mom is feeling better somewhat today.. er that she gets better by the end of the week because she's like soo quiet and idk i can tell that she hates staying home from work, and i feel bad, but i'm doing what she asks me too, so idk there's nothing much else i can do other than do what she says... lol.

Did i miss something? wow ok.. had a moment.

I got no sleep last night, i didn't finish my stupid biology portfolio until like 11:15 i think. Well that's when i finally got off the computer.. then i went in my room and finshed organizing it n stuff... Anyways, i all the sudden am really out of it and i keep spacing out. HA.

Dude, i got 2 jobs this summer. My brother just randomly asked me if i wanted to babysit for this one guys kid from his work from like 2-5 everyday monday through friday and i think he said that i'd get like $40 cash a week. Idk if that's the exact amount, but i think that's what he said so i asked my manager at DQ if she could work around it and she said that she could prolly work things out. So i'll have 2 jobs. And, the little kid is 5 i guess and he would be dropped over at my house everyday so it'll be pretty easy, i mean if people wanted to come over they could.. so yeah hopefully this kid isn't spoiled and annoying because it'll be a long ass summer if he is.. but my brother said that he's a pretty good kid, and if my brother said it, that means that he's prolly a really really good kid, cuz my brother hates little kids.

Alright, well i gotta get going so yeah..


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