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Der Ders [13 Jul 2004|11:58pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Well today was pretty fantabulous. Yes, that's right. I went out to eat twice. ha. I went out to lunch with my grandma and cousin because it was my cousins bday yesturday.. so then after that me n my cuz went to target and kohl's but i didn't get anything because.. well i'm just poor. Anyways, then i came home and chilled for a bit, did a little cleaning round the house. Then i went out to dinner at Fazoli's with Amber, Maria, and Ara. It was fun. I haven't hung out with all the gang in a long time. It's definately something we should do again. for real. Then we ended up stoping over at henry's ha played some crazy volley ball and doug was hilarious, i seriously love that kid he's just so insane sometimes. I actually let that kid spin me on the swing again... because he's like maggie i promise i won't hit u in the head again, and WHAT DOES HE DO? he elbows me in the FREAKIN head... but at least he didn't like practically punch me like he did the last time!!

Anyways.. Then we went for some ice cream which was expensive as HELL! But ohh so delicious! Then all us girlies ended up at my house, and then they eventually left. But we definately caught up on some stuff. And it made me realize how much i miss them!!

So tomorrow i'm thinking from the time i wake up until i do something er figure out what i'm doing i'm going to clean my room(aka THROW OUT A BUNCH OF SHIT) so it doesn't look like such a mess. Yeah. So hopefully i get into the cleaning mood and don't go all lazy and put it off... that would suck. But, i don't think i will i'll just turn on some music and grab some garbage bags and just start tossing!

HMMMM so the past few days have actually felt like summer weather. INSANE i tell you. That's because wisconsin just likes to be gay. But hey what are ya gunna do? i suposse you could move, but i'm only 15, so i really couldn't if i wanted to in the first place.

So i'm really like in the talky mood right now and ha i have NO ONE to talk to .. well i'm talking to amber online lol but i mean in person it's just different. alright well i'm going to go umm idk do something maybe watch a movie er something.

Peace out!

Love Always,

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