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weirdness [30 Jul 2004|12:38am]
[ mood | rushed ]

So i have a stomache ache. And, i think i've been feeling sick a lot lately. Like idk i'll just keep getting stomache aches and then all the sudden i just keep sneezing n shit. Idk i'm just weird but it's kinda getting me mad.

So i go on vacation.. well i leave on sunday and then i don't get back until next sunday, then i come back for 2 days then leave AGAIN for another week. So, i feel like i have to do so many things before i leave like idk it's weird. Like tomorrow i'm a dumbass because i told my neighbor that i would bbsit for her, when yeah i could use the money but i really don't want to ... and now that's prolly the only night everyone else will be able to do something. My mom said that she'll be able to take over bbsitting for me for a few hours er whatever but still idk i'm just being retarded. idk i think i'm tired right now so i'm kinda bitching. lol

Anyways, today was fun, i chilled with amber and doug and henry. We went to kruegers and played pool.. haha i so totally suck it's not even funny(actually it is sometimes) but anyways, so we played about two games. Then we went to kohl's because we just wanted to try on some clothes and ha me n amber made the boys try on some preppy stuff... ohh man they looked adorable! i'm so mad at myself that i didn't take my camera with... then me n amber tried some stuff on then we went to mcdonald's and then to dougs house. lol i think henry hates me... hahaha whoooopsy! THEN i went to FUN FUN WORK... yeah gayyyyyy!

Well i'm outta here because i'm tired!

Love Always,

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