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mmm MILK! [31 Jul 2004|11:42pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

haha so milk is refreshing. I wish it were chocolate, but i guess this will do!WAIT i think i'll make it chocolate!! i'm genius! oOooOOo i made it chocolate mint milk. It may sound sick but it's really delicious! I shit you NOT.

Anyways.. tomorrow i leave for the DELLS. And it'll be tight because i'll get to see my cool cousins. And Andy's actually going to be there longer than planned which is cool cuz i don't really see him too much anymore. YAY Noah's ark and BIG chief here i COME!! I'm getting excited.. cuz i'm just a nerd like that. And i'm hyper all the sudden. It was weird because i was talking to amber on the phone and i was totally out of it, and then i got really hyper. idk maybe i was having amber withdrawals. I'm such a tard.

So my friend maria is a cool chic. We're kinda floating in the same boat. hey maria... if i told you you had a nice body would you hold it against me? OHH man. don't ask that just popped into my mind because we used to be crazy little kids! NEAT-O maria! ok i'm done =]

So i'm going to be a total girl when it comes to packing for the dells.. i can't for colorado because i have limited space on the plane for luggage, but ha i'm going to bring like 3 different shoes no maybe 4.. yeah i'm just retarded all will be sandals xcept for one pair.

We're actually coming back on saturday.. which is kool because then i'll have 2 full days to breathe in between. so amber plan a party k? ok i was obviously joking. But we're seriously going to be chillin a lot in those two days.. and the boys too .

well i'm out!!


Love Always,

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