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hey hey [14 Aug 2004|02:16pm]
[ mood | weird ]

So i haven't updated in quite a while, but it's going to be a short one anyways. Me in colorado right now and i've been chillin with my sister. It's been kool. We went camping one night and hiked a few times already. I went to rocky mountain national park .. i saw a BIG horn sheep, some crazy elk , and cute little foxes. And of course tons of mountains.

Yeah it's weird though being gone from everyone. I miss you too Amber. That's why i called you last night too because i'm like ok i haven't talked to amber in a long time so yeah just wanted to hear from ya i guess. It'll go by quick though and then i'll miss my sista again when i come home. I guess ya just can't win either way.

Well i think i'm going to get going cuz i think we're going to be leaving soon.. to go where? idk but somewhere!

Peace out!

Love Always,

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