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Home Sweet Home [17 Aug 2004|11:22pm]
[ mood | shocked ]


It's amazing how people are so different than you really thought. Or that other people really thought. It's Bullshit more like. heh.. aMaZiNg.

So, I was THIS close to kicking nicks ass at bowling tonight. Well ok i got a 151 and he got a 166.. but in my 10th frame i got two strike so i was like holy balls i'm going to beat him... but i didn't. Ohh well 151 isn't too shabby. Ya know i always thought nick was a good guy.. and he proved that too me tonight. Yeah he has his ass-like moments but he's got a good heart.. well i guess you could say he means well. There, that's nicely put.

Joel is my buddy. I seriously missed him when i was gone as odd as that sounds. lol. I missed amber's craziness too. But we're back in the groove. I promised joel and machunka that i'd skate with them the next time i wear shoes. HAHA guys i'm going to prolly kill myself. Ahh but it'll be all fun.

My flight gave me a headache.. and i still have it. RAWR. it's all because this stupid little kid wouldn't stop crying. WTF. THat's what i say.

Well i'm done and yeah Peace!

Love Always,

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