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Tired as all hell [19 Sep 2004|12:40am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Oh man i can hardly keep my eyes open. I don't know why i don't just go to bed. I'm trying to make another good mix. But i need to d/l some more songs.. i just don't know what SONGS to d/l. haha ohh well i'll figure it out tomorrow or something...

Today was pretty fun. Other than working until 5... i hung out with amber, matt, machunka, joel, and jake. Then doug after he got outta work. And andrea, jess, and monica for a little bit. They're always fun to hang out with too. I told them that we should have a girls night some times and just watch movies n stuff. And, i think they're up for it too... so that should be fun. We just kinda chilled at my house for a bit, then went to douglas's house. I actually walked home. Well Joel walked with me like the whole way because i was afraid of getting raped. haha. After everyone left i had a good talking with douglas, joel, and justin. It was good. I like talking to them, cuz we actually have some serious conversations a lot of the time. So, it's cool. They're all becoming my good good friends. I hooked all them kids up at the dq today. haha. I'm so kool ey? ya...

Tomorrow i'm going to my grandma's house for some FOOD. Then i'll prolly be hanging out with some people like usual. Amber said she's got homework though, so who knows. I guess i can always just call doug or something.. cuz it doesn't take that long to walk there or joel or machunka.. idk i'll figure SOMETHING out.

Alright well i'm tired as all hell... i'm gone...

Love Always,

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